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Who We Are

Time and money are the two resources that need to be saved in any questionable death. LabFlorida Private Autopsy Group (LabFlorida PAG) is your best choice when you need professional, comprehensive, compassionate, and affordable Private Autopsy Service.

We understand the urgency of the matter both for families and their attorneys. Preliminary results will be provided within minutes after the autopsy, and the final report is prepared as soon as practicable depending on how soon medical records can be obtained and required studies and tests completed.

Decades of experience in the field and advanced case management technologies allow our group to accept and successfully investigate a wide range of complicated and challenging cases. We have optimized overhead costs to make our autopsy and pathology services efficient and yet affordable.

All post-mortem studies are provided only by highly skilled anatomic and forensic pathologists (Medical Doctors), licensed in Florida. We work with families, law firms, hospitals, funeral homes, medical examiners, and pathology groups involved in the case to provide the most accurate and conclusive autopsy report.

We do autopsies for families of the deceased, their legal counsels, hospitals and research facilities.


Illegal Autopsies

There are companies offering autopsies in multiple states or even nationally. When contracting their services, ask for credentials of the performing pathologist. Few, if any reputable pathologists in the U.S. will travel for an autopsy that takes more than 1-2 hours to get to without a compensation for time, travel, hotel and meal expenses. The cost of an out-of-state autopsy can exceed $10,000.

Also note, that performing pathologist must have an active medical license in the state where the autopsy is performed. Most doctors have only one active license - in the state of residence.

Most of out-of-state autopsies are actually performed by autopsy assistants who may or may not be licensed in Florida. While assistants are very helpful to pathologists in preparation of the body for the examination, collection of specimens, taking pictures, weighing, testing and restoring the body, their training and expertise are incomparable to those of a pathologist.

  It is illegal in Florida for assistants to conduct autopsies. It is equally illegal for a pathologist to perform autopsies without an active Florida license.

What it means to those ordering autopsy?

You may save some money but:

  • You will not get the quality evaluation you expect.
  • Illegal autopsies are discoverable, and if reported, will create serious complications for all parties involved.
  • An illegal autopsy report cannot be used for litigation because of the risk of the discovery of fraud and the subsequent loss of the case.

Our Current Cases

General Autopsies - 91%
Death in Facility - 73%
Performed in Funeral Homes - 84%
Completed Cases - 82%
No Toxicology - 89%
Completed within 30 days - 78%
Case Acceptance Rate - 77%
No External Consults - 97%
Cases to Lawsuits - 53%
Current Workload - 83%

Why LabFlorida PAG

Autopsies are performed only by Florida licensed pathologists
Unlike in some states where pathology assistants may perform limited autopsies and specimen procurement, all post mortem examinations are performed by Medical Doctors specialized in Anatomic and/or Forensic Pathology - as mandated by Florida statutes and The Florida Board of Medicine.
Mobile Pathology
Our pathologists, often assisted by technicians for difficult cases, are fully equipped to perform autopsies anywhere in Florida on a short notice. Most autopsies are performed in a funeral home of your choice. Typically we can schedule an examination within 1-3 days. Many funeral directors are familiar with our service and will recommend us to families.
Fast Turnaround Time
In some cases your pathologist will provide a preliminary verbal report upon completion of the autopsy. Some cases will take weeks to complete depending upon availability and volume of medical records. Cases that require toxicology studies may take months as we have to notify your county Medical Examiner, which will delay the process.
Comprehensive Autopsy Findings Report
Upon review of all visual observations (lots of pictures are taken), medical records, test results and microscopic studies the assigned pathologist will prepare a comprehensive report, which will provide a conclusive opinion on the cause of death as well as contributing factors and conditions.
Pathologists are available to serve as Expert Witnesses in Court
Our pathologists testify as independent expert witnesses in 12-15 lawsuits a year. We provide the scientific data, hard evidence and unbiased opinion to help investigators clear up the uncertainties surrounding the person’s death. An autopsy report and testimony of the pathologist are critical for all wrongful death and medical malpractice lawsuits.

Most Frequent Cases

  •  Death in Hospital
    There is an increasing number of deaths from "superbug" infections contracted in a hospital. These are not directly related to the original reason for admission. The cause of death is a hard-to-detect, hard-to-treat antibiotic resistant bacterial infections that can be very aggressive and life threatening.
  •  Dementia
    Florida is the most favorite state for baby boomers. Many retirees have a form of dementia, which could complicate family lives and create legal issues related to inheritance. Alzheimer's is one of about 80 identifiable forms of dementia. Oftentimes, a conclusive identification of dementia is critical for legal proceedings.
  •  Overdose
    Clearly identifiable cases are typically handled via Medical Examiner offices. However, there is an alarmingly increasing number of deaths from prescription medications. LabFlorida PAG has a proven track record in these cases.
  •  Death in a Correctional Facility
    Unfortunately we do have a lot of prison neglect and abuse cases involving incarcerated persons. These are sometimes very difficult as medical records are not readily available and reports describing circumstances of death are hard to obtain.
  •  Lifestyle Change for Surviving Family
    With the recent advances in genetics and bioinformatics more people want to know the details of the cause of death of their parents and grandparents. This information could be a lifestyle changing wake-up call, which could help the younger generation to live longer and healthier lives.