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    Private Autopsy
    When your loved one dies - you wonder why. Many questions will
    remain unanswered if you don't know the ultimate truth...
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    Death Certificate
    Educated Guess!
    The treating doctor takes a guess on the cause of death when signing off on the
    death certificate. There could have been thousands of other causes!
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    Private Autopsy
    The Ultimate Diagnosis
To order private autopsy - e-mail, call or text (920) 341-5575 In a rare case when we do not take your call - leave a message and we will return your call within an hour.   E-mail now!

Know the Cause of Death

Closure and peace of mind for families. Private autopsy helps resolve grief and accept the death by fully understanding why and how the loved one died.

Conclusive evidence for lawsuits

Private autopsy report is a critical part of any law suit: accidental or wrongful death, medical malpractice and more.

Medical Examiner, hospital?

ME declines cases with signs of natural death. Hospitals may be concerned about self-incrimination. Independent private autopsy is the right choice.

For Funeral Directors

Our service driven philosophy puts the needs of our clients first. Scheduling is as flexible as needed to best accommodate you and the families we serve. Beware of illegal autopsies.

  • Reputation

  • Our track record, professionalism and dignified service will complement the skills and reputation of your funeral home. LabFlorida PAG is a name you can recommend to your clients with confidence.
  • What We Need

  • Nothing. Just a table in your refrigeration room. Our pathologists are typically assisted by a technician, and the team comes fully equipped. They always do the clean up and leave the work area spotless.
  • Embalming

  • The body is opened in a manner that does not interfere with an open casket service. We carefully safeguard the integrity of the blood vessels to facilitate embalming and make your preservation work easier.

Private Autopsy
We are anatomical pathology and forensic experts providing private independent autopsy, post mortem examination, evaluation of medical records and lab work, and making the final diagnosis. We cover the whole state of Florida. The deceased can not speak for themselves, but we can make their voice heard after the passing. We reveal critical and conclusive evidence of the cause of death - for the peace of mind of the relatives, and for use in the court of law.

  • Why Autopsy?

    When a person dies, the family is bereaved and confused. An autopsy helps them understand what happened to their loved one and provides closure. Private autopsies are recommended in all accidental and hospital deaths.

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    why autopsy is needed
  • How soon should an autopsy be done?

    An autopsy is best performed soon following the death, and before embalming the body. Most autopsies are performed within two weeks after the death.

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    how soon the autopsy should be done
  • General or limited autopsy

    For the most conclusive results general autopsies are required in most cases, but family can limit the scope of the autopsy and specify organs and areas for examination in the autopsy authorization.

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    general or limited autopsy
  • Where can we do the autopsy?

    Private autopsies are performed in funeral homes and hospitals, in strict adherence to decorum, privacy and correct medical procedures. Our pathologists abide by the highest standards of ethical conduct and respect to the deceased.

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    autopsies are performed in funeral homes or hospital ORs
  • We are mobile

    LabFlorida Private Autopsy Group is equipped with all necessary surgical instruments, storage containers for tissue and organ specimens, and cameras for all post mortem studies. We service the entire state of Florida.

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    mobile pathology team ready for autopsy
  • The ultimate "Final Diagnosis"

    Autopsy examination and subsequent review of all medical records allows our pathologists to provide a conclusive opinion on the cause of death.

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    mobile pathology team ready for autopsy
Autopsy pathologist making a statement

Mission Statement Our private autopsy services are provided to:

  • Identify and determine causes of criminal, accidental, suicidal, suspicious, unexpected, unattended and work-related deaths;
  • Help surviving family members understand the cause of death and assist with the decision regarding bodies to be cremated or donated to science;
  • Foster improved medical care by disseminating autopsy results to all parties involved;
  • Assist in serving justice in lawsuits.

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LabFlorida Private Autopsy Group Makes the Final Diagnosis Experienced. Reliable. Professional. Caring. Independent. Conclusive.
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What Attorneys Say

  • Great Expert Witness Law firm in Tampa, FL

    "LabFlorida Private Autopsy Group has outstanding pathology expertise and a highly professional team that provides the most timely service that. Very reliable and thorough. Their comprehensive reports are delivered promptly upon presentation of all pertinent documentation. The staff is very helpful, and pathologists are great expert witnesses in court hearings."

  • The Best Pathology Resource Law firm in Miami, FL

    "We have a long track record with LabFlorida PA. They are the best pathology resource available in Florida. They provide reliable forensic reports in a rapid turnaround-time, which is critical for our clients. Communication is great and they very technology savvy, which is great when you deal with thousands of pages of legal documents and medical records. Outstanding service."

  • Impeccable Record Law firm in Orlando, FL

    "The first thing we do in every case of questionable death is to get the family's consent to contact LabFlorida Private Autopsy. They always respond to our needs in a very timely manner. We have an impeccable record with the service and would recommend them to any law practice dealing with accidental wrongful death and malpractice cases."

  • Attention to Detail and Care Law firm in Naples, FL

    "We are always very impressed by the professional level of the LabFlorida PA Group, their attention to detail and care for the surviving families. Every case is unique and the team has always provided a very thorough and impressive testimony. Highly recommended to families and law firms."

What families say

  • "I was very impressed by the LabFlorida PA service when many questions about the cause of death of my father were not answered by the doctor and hospital staff. Our case and dad's body was treated with dignity and respect. The final report was highly professional and conclusive for our purposes." - - Hector J
  • "Many thanks for the fast response in scheduling the autopsy of my sister. Your initial report after the examination made a big difference in our case. The final report and the expert witness testimony in court were critical and helped us receive the insurance benefits sooner and in a much larger amount. Thank you!" - Nancy W
  • "We want to thank you for your detailed and easy to understand report and comments explaining Dad’s passing. Thanks for your genuine concern and for making yourself available to help us in so many different ways. You have definitely given us the Peace of Mind and Closure we needed in our time of mourning. With gratitude." - Jeffrey F
  • "I ordered a private autopsy service for my recently deceased mother, who had declined extremely rapidly in the last four months for no diagnosed reason. The autopsy revealed that she was not timely diagnosed due to poor treatment at the nursing home, medication errors and the overall negligence of the treating physician." - Stacy P